How to play poker online with real money in Philippines

How to play poker online with real money in Philippines

How to play poker online with real money in Philippines

How to play poker online with real money in Philippines

We will tell you everything you need to know about playing poker in the Philippines in this article. When it comes to live poker, we have many options, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation oversees them all (PAGCOR). I’ll talk about this in depth, but first I’ll talk about online poker.

There is no good way to play poker online in the Philippines. We use the same poker sites as Europeans do. We are using Offshore casinos like the Lucky Cola Casino.


Live Poker Games

PAGCOR runs all of the live poker games that are legal in the Philippines. There are many poker rooms called “onsite” locations inside PAGCOR’s 42 casinos. There are no rules about how many table games a casino can have, so many of these poker rooms are quite big. There are also dozens of poker rooms that are not part of a casino. These are called “offsite” locations. These are privately owned, but PAGCOR has strict rules about how they can be used.


Most of the time, No Limit Hold’em is the game played at poker clubs owned or licensed by PAGCOR (NLHE). This is available 24/7/365 as a cash game, and there are a lot of multi-table tournaments to choose from. You can also find games like Omaha, Pusoy (open-faced Chinese Poker), and Pusoy Dos (Big Two), which are more common in home games and backroom games.


One good thing about PAGCOR being in charge is that each casino follows the same rules. For instance, the rake is the same. It’s 10% of the pot, up to a maximum of 300 for P25/P50 games, 400 for P50/P100 games, and 500 for P100/P200 games. The casino can’t charge more rake than this because it’s against the law. Half of this rake goes to the government as tax. At physical locations, 30% of the money goes to the cardroom and 20% goes to PAGCOR. At locations away from the cardroom, 37.5% goes to the cardroom and 12.5% goes to PAGCOR. The difference is that businesses near the casino benefit from the people who come there.


Even though the rake might seem high, many casinos don’t expect you to tip. Resorts World in Manila is one of the biggest places with this policy. The high price of a rake is helped by the fact that you don’t have to tip. Many card rooms also have deals for people who come back often. Metro Card Club (Ortigas), for example, is open all the time and has 30 tables. Several times a year, they give away PHP 1 million to loyal players in freerolls. In these games, you can win cash or nice things like cars.


The rake also keeps the games in good order. PAGCOR isn’t a lazy commission at all. They care about the games and the people who play them, and they add a lot to our local scene. In fact, PAGCOR takes regulation so seriously that their employees are not allowed to play in any of the card rooms they license, whether they are on site or elsewhere. This is not a rule in Las Vegas, where dealers often play when they are not working. Also, PAGCOR goes after cheaters in a tough way. Because they are in charge of all of our poker rooms, players who are caught cheating are put on a national blacklist.


Circuit of Poker Tournaments

We also have a strong scene for high-stakes poker tournaments. Every year, the Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) stops in Cebu, Philippines, where people can win huge prizes. Season 5 was won by Hoang Anh Do, who took home the first-place prize of PHP5,927,000. At, you can win seats to APPT events.


Jojo Allado started the Philippine Poker Tour, which is another tournament. This tour makes regular stops at Metro Card Club Ortigas, Metro Card Club Davao, Resorts World Manila, Midas Touch Poker Sports Club, Let’s All in Poker, Angeles Poker Club, and Squeeze Poker Club. This tour is getting more and more popular. It has big guaranteed prize pools and a leaderboard for the player of the year (POY).

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) makes regular stops here, and in 2012, there will be three major festivals here.

This only talks about a few of the most important poker tournaments that happen here. Almost every card room in town has ads for the big poker tournaments they are a part of. Also note that this is just referring to majors. Almost all card rooms have Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) that happen every day. These are not boring either. There are a lot of different ways to play them, which makes them unique and more fun for people who play them often. Empire Poker Sports Club in Ortigas, for example, has a PHP8,000 bounty tournament every day.


All that is covered in this article is only the tip of the iceberg, in explaining our poker scene. I hope I have given you a decent overview and will just leave it by saying poker is very popular here. Manila is a great place to live if you like the game.


How to play poker online with real money in Philippines

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