Tips on playing online poker philippines from reddit

Tips on playing online poker philippines from reddit

Reddit is one of the most used website where players look for tips, tricks, suggestion or anything that is related to gambling. So we prepared some Tips on playing online poker philippines from reddit that yo can apply while you are playing at , check the list below;


  1. gambling is not a good way to make money.

think of gambling as a hobby. The only way to make money is to work, not to gamble, but you like to do it. Yes, I think so, and so do I, but it should still be done for fun, like when you go out or do any other activity where you have time to start and stop. Even better if you win, but it’s just a bonus.


2: Don’t borrow money to gamble with.

Again, use gambling as a way to pass the time. If you really wanted something because it’s something you like to do for fun, would you borrow money for it? probably no. It’s the same with gambling… you don’t have money for it? don’t do it!! Wait until you can do it, and don’t let it ruin your life.


3: Don’t try to get back what you’ve lost.

If you lose, just think that the next time will be better. If you try to get back what you lost, you’ll only lose more and hurt your life.


4: Set time and money limits for gambling

Everyone (or almost everyone) sets a limit on how much time and money they can spend on other activities, right? It’s the same when you gamble. Set aside a certain amount of time and money so you don’t lose more than you should and don’t hurt your life. If you win, that’s even better.


5: Don’t gamble when you’re feeling down.

This one seems obvious. When we gamble, we like to win, and when we do, it’s exciting for most of us. But if you’re depressed and you’re gambling, a good win won’t make you feel as good as it would otherwise.

are you sad? Find someone you know and trust and ask for help to heal you first. Once you’re better, you’ll have a lot of time to gamble, and casinos won’t run away.


6: Don’t gamble and drink at the same time.

For me, it’s also for obvious reasons. If you get drunk, you won’t know what you’re betting on, and if you win, you won’t feel very happy. If you lose, you won’t even know how much you lost, and your life could stay broken because of it.


7: Find a good mix of gambling and other things to do.

In this one, there’s also a piece of advice: don’t spend too much of your life doing just one thing. Instead, find a balance with other things. Life is too short to waste by not taking advantage of all the things you can do while you’re alive.


8: Don’t try to solve your problems by gambling.

When you have a problem, gambling won’t solve it; it will only make it worse. This is because when we gamble, our minds are in another “world,” so we’re not fully aware of what we’re doing. As a result, we lose more money and make the problem even worse. If the problem is with money, work more hours to earn more money, ask family or friends for help, get a loan from your bank, and use the money to solve the problem, not to gamble!! If you have a different kind of problem, look for someone you can trust to help you solve it.


9 – Don’t give it back when you win.

When we gamble, we can win money quickly, but in the long run, the casinos will always win. That’s why they’re there. They’re not charities. They’re businesses that want to make money, not lose it.


Most casinos have a “pending time” before paying out, especially online casinos, so that players will gamble again and lose that money. So, even if you lose at gambling, you still had fun and entertainment. If you win, you had fun, entertainment, and something “extra.”

So, the money is yours to keep, and it can help you try new things you’ve never done before or things you’ve done before but want to do again. Use the money you win or get from gambling for those things, but don’t give it back to the casino.


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