Different Types of Online Poker games Available in the Philippines

Different Types of Online Poker games Available in the Philippines

Different Types of Online Poker games Available in the Philippines

Different Types of Online Poker games Available in the Philippines

Nowadays, poker is one of the most popular card games worldwide. It’s a party game for two or more people to enjoy together. The goal of Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud, as well as any other kind of poker, is to outrank or at least tie the total value of your opponents’ hands. Minor rule and hand ranking changes are the only distinguishing features between the various versions.


Listed below are three of the most played types of poker:

  1. Games of Community Card Poker

In a game of communal cards, your objective is to make the best possible five card poker hand. You do this by trying to pair the cards in your hand with those already on the table (called “community cards” or “shared cards”). If more than one player has a higher hand, all of them win.

In Texas Hold’em, each player receives two private cards and three shared cards (the Flop, Turn, and River) that can improve or worsen any player’s hand. Whoever has the highest five-card hand at the showdown is the winner (the best combination of hole cards and community cards).

Combining elements of skill and chance, Omaha begins with each player receiving two cards face down and then four more cards, two of which will be revealed. The dealer and everyone at the table are required to use the same five shared cards. Two of the five shared community cards must be used to form the finest possible five-card hand. In every stage of the hand, players now have more agency and freedom to make decisions.

Pineapple is a card game played in a manner similar to Texas Hold ’em, but with a different hand of cards dealt at the outset. Instead of receiving two hole cards and an ante card, players in this variant receive three hole cards and may discard one of them at a certain point in the hand.


  1. Various Stud Poker Games

Each player is given the same number of cards beforehand, and neither the community nor any additional cards are used during the game (often 5 or 7). You must employ these unique cards if you want to make the best hand possible.

  • In the poker game known as Five-Card Stud, each player is dealt five cards and has two cards at their disposal with which to form the best possible poker hand. The player with the lowest card in this poker variant must make a bet or raise in order to stay in the hand.
  • In the most common variant of Seven Card Stud, players receive two cards face down, one card up, and one card face up. To make a five-card hand, a player can use the next three cards in his hand, or he can fold, bet, or draw. When playing, antes or blinds are commonly employed.
  • Razz: In Razz, a variation on Seven Card Stud, all players start with a single hole card. Although most games of razz feature only two to seven players, games with more participants do exist. You can bluff and go for a lot of straight and flush draws in Razz since you need the worst hand possible to win. Remember that in Texas Hold ‘Em, you need at least one pair to win a pot. Keep in mind that there are no rankings in Razz, thus a royal flush is not better than four of a kind or four cards of the same kind.


  1. The Games of Draw Poker

In draw poker, players are allowed to exchange cards (or “draw”) in an effort to form the best possible hand. For example, in many draw games, you are dealt five cards and must decide which ones to keep and which to trade for better ones.

For example, in the game of “Five-Card Draw,” a player is dealt five cards and then must decide which two cards they will keep in exchange for two new cards. The winner of a hand is the player whose hand contains the highest card. All remaining players then face off in a showdown to determine the winner and the distribution of the pot.

Seven-Card Draw: The rules of seven-card draw are the same as those of five-card draw, with the exception that a player is dealt seven cards instead of five. Each player gets seven cards, and the winner of the pot is decided purely by the value of their best hand.

It’s worth noting that Double-Draw Poker is a spinoff of the original game. After the initial round of betting, players in Double-Draw have the option of drawing from one of two separate piles of three cards. A bonus side bet is included in some variations of the game to reward players who are dealt a winning hand.


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