Tips on Playing online poker in Philippines

Tips on Playing online poker in Philippines

Tips on Playing online poker in Philippines

Tips on Playing online poker in Philippines

Poker champions know a lot of things about the game that they would never tell a beginner. Most people lose and say the game is unfair and hard to play, but these “secret” strategies help them get ahead and keep winning. In this post, we’ll talk about poker strategies that pros don’t want you to know about:



Most beginners pay a lot of attention to the cards that have already been dealt, and when they run out of cards a few times, they get upset. But poker champions know that in Texas Hold’em, almost no hands go to showdown. So, what you have doesn’t really matter.

Professional poker players know that one of the best ways to beat amateurs is to repeatedly hit them in position and use position to trick them out of the pot.



One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is to show their 72 offsuit after bluffing. That would never be done by a poker pro.

Poker pros know how to give this kind of free information in the best way. They know it’s best to leave their opponents wondering if they’ve been bluffed or not. It’s not worth it to show the bluff just to get a little boost to your ego.

Poker is like war, so don’t tell your opponents anything they can use against you.


Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose.

People often think that people who play poker are reckless gamblers who bet until they have nothing left. Even though that isn’t completely wrong, there is still a reason why poker pros consistently make money.


Managing their money is one of the most important things that pros do. Professional poker players usually set aside a certain amount of money just for betting on poker. This will help you gamble in a smart way and still make money in the end.



Pick your opponents with care.

Whether they play hockey, football, or rugby, all athletes want to play against the best. But when people play poker, they want to face the worst players. In fact, it is a strategy in poker to use “game selection” to focus on weaker games instead of playing with the big sharks.

Poker players occasionally want to try their luck at winning a WSOP bracelet, but most poker players want to win real money. But this way of thinking has some good points. Your business might be going down because you are trying to compete with big companies when there is a better way.


Don’t play like everyone else.

You shouldn’t be the same player every day. This is another poker secret strategy. When you play poker, the other people at the table should see a different player every day.

On Tuesday, you might be playing against a crazy person who tries to bluff you every hand. On Tuesday, you might be playing against a new version of your last opponent (but the same player).

So, every day you should be able to change how you play. So, your opponents won’t be able to figure out how you play and beat you.


Find a small edge and then make a series of

When online poker came out in 2000, it changed the way people made money from the game in a big way. At a live $1 or $2 No-Limit Hold’em game, you could win small amounts, but you would have to win a lot of hands to make a lot of money because you only play 10 to 25 hands an hour.


When you figure out that you can play 4, 10, or even 24 tables at once, your profits will go up in a way that is hard to imagine. Most of the time, you don’t have to play the hardest games to make a lot of money. Your 10% win rate multiplied by the number of tables you play will give you a good amount of money.


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